Polar Night | Ski touring expedition in Lapland, Finland

Photo series of Konsta's familys skitouring trips in Lapland, Finland. 

Hiihtovaellus Lapissa perheen kanssa. Kaamosvaellus Pallastuntureilla.

Polar night

   [polər najt] -noun

1. A period of darkness that occurs in polar regions north from the Arctic Circle and south from the Antarctic Circle and during which the sun stays below the horizon.

For two years me and my family have headed to Finnish Lapland during midwinter, the darkest time of the year for our already traditional ski tour. These are photos from our time in the UKK National Park and Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, where we make our own tracks, barely see another living soul for a week and sleep in cozy wilderness huts and tents.

When staying below the horizon, sun casts some of the most beautiful light for few hours in noon. This light and the endless darkness before and after it inspires and challenges me as a photographer and explorer. Varying conditions also make ski tours very demanding expeditions and getting the frames you want isn't easy.

The reason why these trips are also so special is that nowadays it's hard to organise something for the whole family. I'm lucky to share an interest in the outdoors with my sister, brother and both parents and sharing experiences like this is just great and keeps us together for long time.